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Robotic vs laparoscopic colorectal surgery

Interestingly, the total procedure time difference between the laparoscopic and robotic colectomies was much smaller than previously published accounts (mean 140 min vs. 135 min for right colectomy; mean 168 min vs. 203 min for left colectomy).

Oct 20, 2021 · The route of surgery used was laparotomy or MIS, either laparoscopic or robotic. However, the LACC trial (Laparoscopic Approach to Cervical cancer), a randomized trial that compared overall survival with open surgery versus laparoscopy or robotic surgery in early-stage cervical cancer, showed a decreased overall survival in the MIS group (3 of .... Oct 09, 2022 · 9 Tips to Prevent Colorectal Cancer A condition known as Colorectal Cancer (also known as Colon Cancer) occurs when cells in the Colon or Rectum grow out of control. The Colon is considered the large intestine or large gut, and the Anus....

N2 - This review of the literature aims at assessing the safety and effectiveness of robotic versus laparoscopic surgery in benign and malignant gynecological diseases. Robotic-assisted laparoscopy is already widely used in the United States and Europe for the main gynecological procedure - hysterectomy - and has proved feasible and comfortable.

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