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Loki x sigyn ao3

Sigyn was an Asgardian goddess who caught the eye of Loki. Loki asked her to marry him, but Sigyn was already engaged to another god she loved, named Theoric. Loki killed her fiancé and used a spell to take his form. In this disguise, Loki went to the wedding and Odin himself, unsuspecting, married them. When Loki revealed his face, Odin tried to annul the marriage,.

A re-imagining of the Loki Series if the MCU gave more fucks about Norse mythology. (Inspired by Nanihoo's fanart of a re-imagined Sigyn and Loki in the MCU. Begins pre-events of the Loki Series but contains spoilers for the first season.) Read on Ao3.

Sep 14, 2019 · Sigyn and loki When they were unable to retrieve Balder from the clutches of Hel, they decided to punish Loki. They chained him to a rock and placed a poisonous serpent above his head to drip its stinging venom onto his face, causing him to writhe in pain for eternity, only relieved by the ministrations of his wife Sigyn..

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扫文(ao3)(一发完)(霜铁) 1.【霜铁】More than three thousand . by ChillyIsland. 冰雪味Alpha Loki X 雏菊味Omega Stark. Tony · Stark有一颗温暖的心,这对于生活在极寒地区的Loki来说是致命的诱惑。 Tony • Stark has a heart.To Loki who has been living in dark and coldness, that is rather appealing. Loki is the kinda guy that brags about his wife at other peoples weddings 😂🥰 inspo from “WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” (2019) #loki (marvel) #loki x sigyn #sigyn #marvel #loki god of.

Though the truth still burned Loki to the core only knowing that his life was a lie as an Odinson, never part of the Asgard royal family. He is Laufey's son, not the son of Odin or.


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