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Lighted nocks for 166 arrows

Depending on the manufacturer, a lighted nock will weigh 10-30 grains more than a standard nock. 6) Arrow Wraps. Adding a custom wrap to your shaft can increase overall arrow weight by 5-10 grains. Overall Arrow Weight. What constitutes light, medium, and heavy shafts? Using my own 28-inch draw length as an example, a light hunting shaft would.

Lumenok Lighted Arrow Nock H Green 3 Pack .232 ID H3G $ 24.99 Add to cart; Victory Archery Nocks VAP AAE 166 F Nock Bright Green 12 Pack ACN166BG-12 Victory Archery Arrows VAP SS Elite Hunting Arrow .166 ID Bare Shaft Arrow 12 Pack VAPSSE. Product categories. Bargains; Outdoors. It comes with 20-inch fletched carbon-arrows Add to Cart Carbon Express Piledriver DS Hunter 350 Carbon Arrow 2" Blazer Vanes Pack of 6 99 our price $34 Adrenaline Hot Pursuit 90, 150 The Lumenok is a lighted arrow nock used for shot placement recognition & arrow retrieval The Lumenok is a lighted arrow nock used for shot placement recognition. Axe Crossbows Axe Crossbow Micro Bolt .166" W/red Lighted Nock 18" 3pk $89.99 (Save 11%) $79.99 ... 4 models Double Take Archery Glory Nock Lighted Crossbow As Low As (Save Up to 24%) $37.49 2 models Lumenok Lighted Crossbow Nock Carbon Impact 3000 Crescent Bolt End.

The shortest forward-draw hunting crossbow we have ever produced, the light-weight Viper S400 measures just 32-inches in length yet delivers speeds up to 400 FPS and is sold as a crossbow package. Featuring the NEW revolutionary ACUslide silent cocking and safe de-cocking system, this ultra-compact hunting crossbow measures an ultra-narrow 7.2.

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Features an ultra-slim .166" ID shaft for reduced wind drift. Excellent choice for 3D, JOAD, Field, and FITA style target archery. Real Straightness Nano .166 straightness of +/- 0.006" is a maximum measurement, not an average. Launchpad Precision .166 Nock - (Pre-Installed on 350 - 500 Spines).

166" ID arrows 50 shipping The LAUNCHPAD is the first lighted nock that's easy to install, easy to use and engineered to improve cross bolt performance with a lightweight yet durable design, high-visibility LED and long-lasting battery life 244/6 id flu-flu // gt & s nock Your Carbon Express crossbow bolts are made primarily of Fiberglass and.

Axe Crossbows Item Number: AX10004. Crossbow Bolts with Nocks. .166 Micro Diameter Bolts. Bolt Length: 19". Fusion XII SL Vanes. Bolt Weight: Approx 434 grains (with nock and 100gr point) Axe Green Lit Nocks. Nocks are String Activated. Injection Molded Nock Design.

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