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Life sciences are continually advancing and your research changes accordingly. Leica Microsystems is your long-term partner to help you grow your confocal equipment as needed. For example, you can start with a compact system with few solid state line lasers and evolve to a Leica TCS SP8 X with white light laser at a later time. Or start.

Consult Leica Microsystems GmbH's entire TCS SP8 DLS catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/16. To achieve this performance, the microscope offers visible, infrared (IR), and ultraviolet (UV) lasers, second harmonic generation (SHG), and CARS. Due to its flexibility and convenient handling, the TCS SP8 CARS is a superb instrument for research institutes and multi-user facilities. 共聚焦光片显微镜.Leica TCS SP8 DLS. 27987 人浏览 0 人评价 64 人收藏 评分 0. 仪器分类:高端荧光显微镜. 运行状态: 实验中 所属机构:世界杯预选赛附加赛赛程时间表 > 医学与生命科学学部 > 生命科学学院 生产厂家:Leica. 购置日期: 2018-06-01.

High Speed Scanning - Leica TCS SP8 with Tandem Scanner Leica Microsystems 9.27K subscribers Subscribe 9 Share 3.3K views 8 years ago High speed scanning is necessary to image rapidly.

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Leica TCS SP8 X with white light laser (Room A123b) Laser scanning confocal microscope for both fixed and live cell imaging. Mounted on a motorized Leica inverted microscope. Objectives: 10x air; 20x air; 40x oil; 63x oil; 63x water; Lasers: Diode 405 nm; White light laser 470-670 nm; Freely tunable;. The SP8 DIVE system covers a wide range of applications and specimens. Whether you image 3D cell cultures or live brain labeled with multiple fluorophores, the SP8 DIVE has the setup to meet your requirements. Expand the SP8 DIVE with FALCON to acquire Fast Lifetime Contrast information. Lifetime imaging can be used for the biosensing of.

Leica Microsystems confocal microscope leica tcs sp8 x clsm Confocal Microscope Leica Tcs Sp8 X Clsm, supplied by Leica Microsystems, used in various techniques. Bioz Stars score: 86/100, based on 1 PubMed citations. ZERO BIAS - scores, article reviews, protocol conditions and.


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