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JK BMS 20S 60A battery board management system smart lipo/lto/lifepo4 bms for lithium ion battery pack. $ 99.00. JK BMS is an intelligent BMS with active balancing function. This series supports balancing current from 0.6A to 2A and maximum continuous current from 60A to 200A. It can be applied to LiFePO4/Li-ion/LTO battery packs.

About JK BMS JK BMS held a professional BMS engineer team have more than 10 years experience in the electronics/battery BMS field, strength to design and produce the most.

JK-BD6A17S6P、JK-BD6A20S6P保护板连接器定义、LED灯定义见表 3 。 表 3 连接器定义 Table3Connectordefinitions 连接器 管脚号 JK-BD6A17S6P JK-BD6A20S6P 名称 定义 名称 定义 P1 1 B- 电池总负极 B- 电池总负极 2 B1 第1串电池正极 B1 第1串电池正极 3 B2 第2串电池正极 B2 第2串电池正极.

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Product Overviews: Battery Active Equalizer (JK-B2A24S) is a balanced solution for large-capacity series lithium battery packs Management system.The equalizer uses a supercapacitor as a medium to achieve active energy transfer equalization. The equalizer is suitable for 2 to 24 strings of battery packs with voltage acquisition and equalization.

BMS 8S 50A 60A 80A 120A 200A 250A 300A 350A for 3.2V LifePO4 Battery protection board 6S 7S BMS 200A 300A 350A 3S 4S 300A 330A BMS 12V for Li-ion Liepo4 battery protection.

Solis 4G Manual (60-70)K. Solis 3P 4G Manual (12-20)K. Solis Mini 4G Manual (700-3600) Solis RHI Manual... Solis 4G 3P 10kW. Solis 4G 3P 12kW. Solis 4G 3P 15kW. Solis 4G 3P 17kW. Solis 4G 3P 20kW. Time of use shifting and peak shaving capabilities to grid. High-Efficiency Design. Maximum efficiency of 98.4%. Integrated Energy Management.

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